My Honest Easy Video Suite Review + Bonus

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There’s a lot of hype out there and you need accurate advice to make an informed decision.

As you read this review from beginning to end, you’ll discover the new features, pros, cons, and my final conclusion on whether EVS is worth it or just an over-hyped software program.

And if YOU decide this is the video solution that’s right for you, I have a massive bonus package containing hacks, secrets and tips for making high quality videos quickly and simply.

Note: Below is my review of Easy Video Suite. Click here to visit the Official Easy Video Suite website.

My name is Steve Goldberg and I am a customer of Easy Video Player 2.0. I bought it with my own money, because I needed a way to play and track online video sales letters for my info product business. I explored many other video players, but at the end of the day, EVP looked like the best option. But now since Easy Video Suite came out, I decided to write a review about it.

This a product shoto of Easy Video Suite. On the box it says Video Marketing Reinvented, which is basically true, because this tool offers new features no other video player on the market can offer.The Top 4 Reasons I Recommend Easy Video Suite Over Easy Video Player 2.0

Easy Video Player 2.0 had a few problems that made it difficult to use for some. The good news is, Josh Bartlett eliminated those problems completely in Easy Video Suite.

Solution #1: Making Videos

One of the features that I am most impressed about in EVS is the ability to do screen recordings or record video directly from your WebCam into Easy Video Suite.

The screen recording feature has features that let you select a specific area, or record your entire screen. Even better, while you are recording your screen, you can use the built in annotation tools to draw, highlight, or animate your screen recording.

The video recorder let’s you record video directly from your WebCam. Best of all, once your video is recorded you can edit out the sections that you don’t want, such as the ums and ahs, directly inside of Easy Video Suite.

Solution #2: Converting Videos

The days of having to convert my video and handbrake are finally gone! I say this with a smile because this is such a huge time saver, and makes my life so much easier. Here’s how it works. Once you record your video, EVS takes that video and immediately starts converting it into multiple files that are all web ready and can be streamed on any device.

For example, it makes your video streaming easily on phones, tablets, and desktops all in the background. There is only one setting on the video converter, and that is video quality. It is a simple bar that you drag to the right for higher quality, and to the left for lower quality. This makes it so simple and easy to convert your videos without having to use any external software.

And the fun doesn’t stop there either!

Solution #3: Uploading Videos

Not only does easy media Suite convert your videos, but it also automatically upload them to both Amazon S3 and YouTube if you desire. All of this is handled in the background. He simply enter in your YouTube login or Amazon S3 details, and then they are saved in the desktop app in Easy Video Suite.

You basically click a button, and then your videos are automatically converted and uploaded to your easy video suite account hands-free. This saves so much time it makes life so much easier since you’ll never have to open other programs to get your video online.

Solution #4: Embedding Videos

Remember how I said it was a pain to embed videos and Easy Video Player? Well, that problem is solved with EVS. Basically, once your video uploads, it will automatically paste your embed code to your clipboard in your computer.

So all you have to do is go into your webpage and click paste and you’re in bed code will be pasted on your page. Even better, EVS automatically builds video pages for you that host your video. So you don’t even have to paste your embed code anymore.

Your video will be placed on a page that looks similar to a video sales letter page. You can edit the title. Add backgrounds. Add buy buttons underneath the video. Basically, you can do anything you want. It is your page and everything is under your control.

As you can see… Easy Video Suite is a game changer!

Not to hype it up more, but this puts the ability to make awesome videos and publish them online without having any technical knowledge in the hands of the masses! It’s seriously awesome.

Not only that, it has some amazing features that I haven’t even mentioned yet. I’ll summarize them here, since going through them in huge detail would take forever:

New Features!

Some of the new features include: Easy Auto Redirect, Embed Optin Forms, Create Quick Video Pages, Control Elements on your site, Clickable Overlays In Your Videos, Secure Members Only Content, Seamless Integration With Amazon S3, Embed Buy Now Buttons, Easy Video Split Testing, Detailed Stats & Central Video Dashboard

Gateways: This feature is super cool! Simply put, it allows you to set a point in your video at which it will automatically pause, and force your visitors to either share your video, or optin to your email list in order to keep watching. This will allow you to create a viral video and build your list at the same time. Super powerful feature.

Desktop App: Easy Video Suite comes with a desktop application for both Mac and PC that let’s you record video on your screen or from your webcam, edit the video, convert the video to web format, then automatically publish the video to YouTube or your EVS account using Amazon S3.

Mobile App: It also comes with a mobile app (Android & iPhone) that let’s you record video on your phone, or upload videos already on your phone, and upload them straight to YouTube or your EVS account. This makes shooting and publishing videos on the go an afterthought.

Video Chapters: Let’s say that you have different sections in your video that bring up different points. When each of those points comes, you can set that point in the video and name and a chapter. So users when they’re watching your video will be able to go through the different chapters of your video just like chapters in a book.

Video Playlists: In addition to video chapters, UPS also has video playlists. You can have one video play after another in a series and have the videos show up inside of the playlist just like on YouTube. This is great for creating training courses.

Embedded Social Sharing Buttons: Forget about having to paste social sharing buttons below or above your video. Now you can paste them inside your video. Even better, with the gateways feature, you can force users to share your video on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ 30 seconds in before they are able to watch the rest of the it.

Embedded Buy Buttons: EVS what to add by buttons both inside of your video and below your video. You can time the button to show up when you want, and disappear when you want. You won’t have to worry about syncing your Bible and below the video with external code. Is all handled inside the simple drag and drop dashboard.

Embedded Optin Forms: Along with embedded by buttons, you can also embed email often forms both inside of your video, and below your video. Forget about having to make the squeeze pages. Now you can make squeeze videos.

Redirects: After your videos done playing, you can have it automatically redirect your visitors to any URL that you specify.

Video Pages: I mentioned this earlier, but I will mention it one more time. You do not have to create your own pages to host your videos. EVS doesn’t for you. It gives you full control to edit the video page template however you like. I’ve seen this in action and it looks really great. Think Optimize Press, but easier and prettier.

Split Testing & Tracking: Easy Video Suite has built in testing and tracking algorithms that enable you to see detailed statistics on how well your videos are performing. You can see the average drop off rate, number of optins, sales, etc in a beautiful, yet simple dashboard. You can also rotate unlimited videos in unlimited split tests, to see exactly which video brings in the most sales or optins.

So there you have it.

Those are the main features in Easy Video Suite. Obviously, you can seen how powerful this is.

Let me sum it up with some pros and cons.

Pros And Cons


  • No installation required. Instead, you get an account at (also available to host on your own server if you prefer)
  • No limits on video bandwidth, or number of sites you can use it on
  • Records video from your webcam or screen on Mac & PC (no external recording tools needed)
  • Mobile App records/uploads video on iPhone/Android
  • Does basic video editing like cut and paste
  • Automatic video conversion to multiple formats for both web & mobile
  • Automatic 1-click uploading to Amazon S3 and/or YouTube
  • Works on both a Mac and PC
  • All features are super easy to use with the simple drag and drop interface
  • Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if not fully satisfied


  • It’s not cheap. Costs $297 personal license (comes with branding of Easy Video Suite logo)
  • $397 for commercial (no branding, unlimited sites)
  • Video editing is for basic edits only. For advanced editing you will need Windows Movie Maker for PC or iMovie/Final Cut Pro for the Mac.
  • Video pages are hosted on by default (You can still host them on your domain, you just have to copy some code over, it’s easy, but requires an extra step.)
  • It’s not a magic pill. You still need to have a quality product to sell and traffic
  • You also need original, engaging content for your videos. Easy Video Suite won’t make up for delivery bad content, it will only make it easier to deliver it.

Easy Video Suite
Review Conclusion

It’s obvious that Easy Video Suite is a seriously powerful video marketing solution. However, as powerful as it is, it may or may not be something you desperately need. Let me explain why.

Who Should NOT Buy It

If you have no product or you are not using video at all in any of your marketing online, Easy Video Suite will have no use to you. Sure, it would simply be an awesome piece of software that you would be able to play around with, but it wouldn’t really have much of an impact on your business.


Now, on the other hand, if you are currently using video in your business, whether that is on YouTube, or you are a previous customer of easy video player 2.0, Easy video suite is an absolute must-have for your business. You should buy it. It lives up to it’s name as the easiest video marketing solution in the world, and actually delivers what it promises. And once you start using it, you will be hooked.

But before you buy it, make sure you check out my…

Easy Video Suite Bonus

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9 High Converting Video Squeeze Page Templates

The first thing you’ll get is 9 high converting squeeze page templates that work with Easy Video Suite. These templates are proven to convert visitors into leads. Just plugin your video embed code, add your text, and click upload and you’ll be building your list in no time. I’m also including the original PSD files in addition to the HTML files. This will let you customize the design or colors as you see fit if you have Photoshop. Here’s a 1 of the 9 templates you’ll receive.

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How To Claim Your Bonus

  1. 9 Customizable Video Squeeze Page Templates ($97 Value)
  2. Video Marketing Secrets Course ($97 Value)
  3. Secret High PR Backlinks Live Case Study ($47 Value)
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To your online video marketing success,

Steve Goldberg

P.S. Did you find this review helpful? Are there any other questions you have about EVS that I didn’t cover? Leave a comment below and let’s chat!

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Earning Disclosure

I am affiliate for Easy Video Suite. This means I am compensated between $131-$180 if you purchase this product by clicking the links on this website. This review explains my experience and my opinion. No results are guaranteed. Your experience and opinion may be completely different with Easy Video Suite. I stand behind this product. You may or may not feel the same way I do about it. It’s best to consider all of your options before you purchase this product.
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